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leo Seeking Soulmate
Relaxed, easy going, spiritually aware, artist, musician. Very interested in art & music, studied Fine Art at University, often…
virgo Love & peace seeker
Fun loving & serious minded, Seeker & giver, Loving & lovable, Short tempered & Patient....In short I am a bundle of contradiction…
virgo Healing through Energy work and nutrition and spiritual Awareness
heaing through nutrition and energy work and spiritual growth, my center in Sunrise Lakes Florida assists with helping people on a…
aquarius The road is open and The Path is long.
On the Spiritual path, I use both my left and right- brains. Not attached to religiosity and have a deep love for Mother Earth. E…
pisces gentile
I dont know I dont know I dont know I dont know I dont know I dont know I dont know I dont know
taurus I surrender to my journey.....
I respect all living things, especially women...I understand my place in the Universe, therefor I cannot help but see myself in ot…
aquarius Seeking Sacred Union
Single mother of three aged 16,15, and 12. I am seeking a spiritual friendship for starters that may perhaps lead to a Sacred rela…
pisces Knowings From The Silence: Simple Wisdom for an Enlightened Life now available.
Meditator, Tarot profesional, writer, author, hearer, listener, Reiki practitioner, poet, teacher, Deeksha giver. American expat i…
Bodyworker in texas working on horses and people... A spiritual seeker in the land of the conservative. An outdoor person in tou…
aries Kriya Yoga
Guy looking for girl near fort lauderdale florida
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