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scorpio Hecate is my Homegirl
20 years of being a practicing witch, you'd have thought I'd have got the hang of it by now  I'm a devotee of Hecate, fibromyalgia…
taurus Hermit shaman
I love being. I love source. I love lobsters
aquarius Spiritual blogger
The truth must be revealed
capricorn searching..
for new friends, and interesting people
capricorn Eyes Wide Open
I always try to find the positive side of things and keep a good attitude. I'm usually in a good mood and I am a happy person. I v…
virgo We all are one in the totality of divine love...
I am a constant seeker of spiritual connection through divine wisdom and knowledge. I am avid lover and student of the esoteric ar…
libra Hellooo
Learning and growing on my spiritual path and always looking for more information and like minded people.
happy go lucky ;-)
libra We attract who we are
Ah, let's see...I'm a writer who loves the outdoors and my Great Dane Champion. I believe that Truth is precious, and I'm an activ…
scorpio God is all I need
I cannot think, feel, imagine anything other than God.
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