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virgo As a body everyone is single, as a soul never. Hermann Hesse
virgo sun/libra cusp
I'm a psychology student, graduating in May. I love studying anything dealing with the workings of the brain, but I also enjoy si…
Hi, my name is Danny and I'm 26.
I'm an artist,very much interested in spirituality and healing practices.
aries 93 & Aloha
I love nature, ad enjoy my outdoor time. I am cancer sun, gemini moon, pisces ascendant. I enjoy tea, and tough I rarely drink…
sagittarius Valid Promo Codes
Verify promo code http://www.validpromocodes.com/ are Coupon Codes that are tested and verified for validity before posting on the…
Im just me:) I am easygoing, sensitive, caring , love nature reading spirituality
I am person who do not accept the things they are ? I mean i believe questioning things ,understanding the context in which they w…
capricorn insearch of devine
i think there is somthing in our minds that is telling us that we are more devine than we think we are.
I am very spiritual.
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