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Have you noticed that  when you listen to the news,it's reports are increasing with soul crushing stories of ? :Mast murders of innocent people. Innocent people loosing their life's saving through  investing their money into security investment companies t
surealworld · 471 days ago

President's Spell Binding Speech. by ~surealworldI myself like any other American want to see The government to stop flinging Mud at each other,and work together to fix our broken wheels on our wagon. before we all perish in the middle of the quick sand pi
surealworld · 574 days ago

First thing I would do in my campaign to run for the office of the Presidency,is to avoid spending my time and money in smearing my opponents political or privet views or actions.     I want to spend my time promoting clearly to the American People  My pol
surealworld · 574 days ago

Spin it aroundTurn it outMedia infiltrationRising up in my bedTo enter the rat race another dayLaying down in my bedTo enter rest and peaceAll I hear in betweenIs Talking HeadsAlways competingNever retreatingEvent when they have been decapitatedby their fo
surealworld · 798 days ago

My dear reader  it's a year away from the presidential election,and our nation is in the middle of The Republican debates on national TV.   And the liberal media is digging up dirt on every Republican candidate ,to disqualify any contender to challenge Pre
surealworld · 868 days ago

A article 2012, God's Or Man's by ~surealworldThe new rave that is sweeping the world, is the dooms day date December 21 2012.      Most of these false prophet are predicting  that the sun or a meter is going to change life on Earth as we know it.  Now I a
surealworld · 1072 days ago