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What was the crown of thorns fore ?Why was it hammered to Jesus' brow ? Like forcing a nail through a piece of wood.Was it a badge of mockery toward the Jewish leaders? Fore pressing Pilate to crucify  a man he proclaimed to fine no fault there in.What was
surealworld · 572 days ago

Cinderella FellowCinderella FellowOnce upon a dreary dayHe had to appear before a juryTo see if he would be hand over to zoo keeperTo be sentenced to captivity in a cageor put on a leash until he earned his freedomCinderella Fellow   Cinderella FellowHe dr
surealworld · 753 days ago

This is the day the Lord has made .God woke me up to face another day.I got out of my bed by faith,not knowing if the day will bring peace or dread.I open up the Bible,to feed upon God's daily bread,that I may face the day with strength and courage.That I
surealworld · 903 days ago